0. Called to be a mother – Contents

Table of Contents
(There are 21 sessions in this study.)
Introduction: Author’s Preface/Introduction The Battlefield of Prayer
Session 01: Train a Child Just One Will Do
Session 02: Finding God’s Way Help for Parents
Session 03: Living God’s Word Teaching our Children Day by Day
Session 04: The Time God Gives Redeem and release
Session 05: The God of Circumstances Left behind, a mother’s faith
Session 06: Positive Support Praising right choices
Session 07: Discipline and Affirmation Confident of better things
Session 08: The (Not) Ideal Home She did what she could
Session 09: Excitement is Brewing Teach what you are learning
Session 10: Offspring, Inlaws, and Torches Heritage of faith
Session 11: Anticipate the Harvest Sowing, claiming, reaping
Session 12: Unleashing God’s Power Catalyst of prayer
Session 13: Campaign of Prayer Media advocates
Session 14: Activating God’s Promises Catalyst of faith
Session 15: Remembering the Past Lessons from Joshua
Session 16: Faith for the Battle Listening in God’s Presence
Session 17: Learning from Godly Leaders Mentored by Moses
Session 18: Battling the Giants Reclaiming our children
Session 19: From Victory unto Victory It’s time to take the land
Session 20: Advice from the Crowd Reaching a wayward son
Session 21: Wondrous Things Though it linger, wait for it

— Begin: Introduction