00. How to Establish a Daily Quiet Time – Introduction

The simple habit of spending quiet time alone with God daily takes only minutes, yet we resist it. This investment pays rich dividends when we dare to accept the challenge.

Have you spent time with God today?

The best Bible teacher

I learned the value of spending time alone with God when I was in high school. A beloved pastor, who was like a father to me, encouraged us to look up and read the Scripture references for the Daily Bible Readings listed in our Sunday School Quarterly each week. The only Bible we had back then was the King James Version, but I enjoyed the challenge of understanding it. While we were left to ourselves to comprehend the meaning, we really were not alone. I soon learned that the Holy Spirit is the best Bible teacher. I loved using my concordance to research and compare Scriptures. I fell in love with God’s Word during this time.

Flyleaves are for promises

I began finding answers for my daily needs in the Scriptures, and looked forward to reading my Bible before I went to sleep each night. I was amazed to find that this book, written so many years ago, is relevant to the difficulties I experience each day. I began writing promises from my Bible study into the flyleaves of the Bible I received for Christmas in 1960, the year I entered high school. I knew that some day God would answer those promises for me but, even then, I understood that the answers might not come immediately. My daily time with God in his Word sustained me as I waited for the fulfillment of promise.

The leather is crumbling on my old high school Bible now, and I have it encased in plastic. But I love to look through its pages, especially the flyleaves where I penciled promises from that dear Book so many years ago. Every promise I wrote in those flyleaves has been fulfilled many times over.

I knew I had found a special treasure Book when I began my daily time with God. But the bounty I continue to find in God’s Word each day has proven to be more valuable than I ever imagined back then. I’ve found answers to why, and how, and when, and all the questions we ask about life. I’ve learned that God has it all figured out, always does it best, and that I can depend upon the the truths he shows me each day in his Word.

Why I wrote these Quiet Time lessons

In the late 1990’s, I sometimes talked with women in chat room ministry about the importance of spending personal time in God’s Word. I set up my first website to provide a reference I could refer other women to and, In 1998, I wrote the How to Establish a Daily Quiet Time lessons to place on that site. In 1999, we became Hope in a House Divided, and I have updated these lessons as I moved them to this, our newest Hope in a House Divided site, in April of 2009.

Many blessings await you as you establish a daily “Quiet Time.” Have you spent time with God today? If not, there’s no better time to get started!

God bless you,

How to Establish a Daily Quiet Time

00. How to establish a daily quiet time – Introduction
01. What is a quiet time, and why do I need it?
02. Finding time for daily devotions and Bible study
03. Selecting a Bible translation for daily study.
04. Ideas for daily devotions and Bible reading
05. Online resources for your daily Bible study