03. Chosen by the creator of the universe

God had been silent 400 years between the Old and New Testaments. Now shared good news with the priest Zechariah at the altar of incense.

God is directing your lots.

Chosen by lot or by God?

Read the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth again in Luke 1 here.

Notice especially verse 9. Zechariah was chosen by lot to go to the temple and burn incense. Now do you really believe that for one minute? Well of course he was chosen by lot, the Bible says so, and the Bible is always true. But do you believe he was really chosen by lot? Yes they did cast lots and Zechariah was the one chosen by lot. But the one who chose Zechariah was God.

The fullness of time was near

God had something special to share with Zechariah. The temple was the place where he had spoken to the priests in days gone by, and there he had given them a special message to share with the people. God had been silent for 400 years between the Old and New Testaments, but now God had wonderful news to share. It was time to speak again. However, not just any old priest would do. The Bible says, “But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son (Galatians 4:4).”

God was going to send a baby into the world to prepare the way for his Son who would be our redeemer. He chose the devout Zechariah to be the father of this special forerunner of Jesus. Circumstances would have us believe Zechariah was chosen only because the lot fell on him, but God directed the lot. God had already chosen Zechariah.

God has chosen you

God is directing the lots in your life too, dear sisters. There is no “chance” with God. God has a wonderful plan for us. Even if we mess it up, he can redesign it again when we turn it back over to him.

Whatever situation you are in, know this: God loves you and you are chosen to be his. You are also paid for with the blood of his Son. That is what Christmas is for. It is for you — to make a way for you to come home. You are chosen, loved and precious in his sight. You are cared for and cherished by the creator of the universe.

All he asks is that you turn your life completely over to him. Give him the right to do with you as he chooses. He wants this right, not to make things worse. No, he loves you. It may for a time seem he is making a mess of your life. But he just wants you to learn to trust him so he can bless you. He can’t fix things for your good as long as you are holding onto the lots. Give him the lots and let him cast them. He will always cast them for what is best for you.

Trust him, precious sisters. Take heart, even in this time of struggle and divided houses. Don’t let your hope be divided. Thank God for every struggle, for God is using it to teach you his love.

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Scripture taken from New International Version unless otherwise noted