05. How can we know what is right?

Warn youth about false religious leaders who teach that Jesus is not God but a good man, that heaven is earned by being good, or that the Bible isn’t all true.

If we don’t study the Bible, how will we know who to believe?

Measure everything by God’s ruler – the Bible.

Read: 1 Kings 18:17-40

  1. Who do you think the “prophets of Baal” and the “prophets of Asherah” mentioned in verse 19 might be? (They were false religious leaders who led the people to worship the wrong way. They taught that there were other gods besides the real God.
  2. Did they follow God’s rules or make their own?
  3. Are there any false religious teachers today?
  4. What kind of things do they teach? (That you must follow the teachings of a certain man in order to be accepted by God; that Jesus is not really God, but he was a good man; that you can go to heaven by being good; that you can’t be go to heaven unless you are good (Nobody can be good enough to deserve heaven.); that the Bible is not completely true.
  5. Just like the prophets of Baal, false religious leaders today want to make their own rules. Was God pleased with those who made their own rules in Elijah’s day?
  6. Is He pleased with those who make their own rules instead of following the Bible today?
  7. How can you know which church or religious group teaches God’s way? (Study the Bible for yourself. The Bible is God’s ruler. You can measure everything by it. If it doesn’t fit what the Bible teaches, it is wrong.)
  8. If we don’t study the Bible for ourselves, how will we know who to believe?

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I chose the Contemporary English Version as the default translation for Lessons from Elijah. Its easy reading and accurate translation make the CEV an ideal version for children. For more information, see A Bible for children.