07. Will God keep his word?

God fed Elijah through a widow and ravens for 3 years. Elijah proves his faith, and God keeps his promises when Elijah prays, sending fire and rain from heaven.

Hearing before it happens, believing before we see

God sent the answer when Elijah prayed


  1. Remember God had told Elijah there would be a famine of three years without rain. How did he take care of Elijah during these three years (1 Kings 17:6, 13-15)? (He sent the ravens and the widow woman to feed him.)
  2. Remember that after three years God sent Elijah to Ahab. What did God promise to send (1 Kings 18:1)? (rain)
  3. When Elijah came to Ahab, how did Elijah prove his God was real (1 Kings 18:17-40)? (By calling fire down from heaven)

Today’s Lesson

Read 1 Kings 18:41-46

  1. Why did Elijah say, “I hear a mighty rainstorm coming!” before there were any clouds in the sky? (See 1 Kings 17:1, and 1 Kings 18:1)
  2. Since God had already promised rain, why did Elijah pray for it? (Read John 16:24 — God can do all things, but he only works on earth in response to our prayers.)

Go back to 1 Kings 18:41-46.

  1. How many times did Elijah send his servant to look for a cloud?
  2. What did Elijah do while the servant looked?
  3. What does this teach you about prayer?
  4. How big was the cloud the servant saw the 7th time he looked?
  5. Elijah had already proved his faith by “hearing” rain before it happened. How did he prove his faith again after the servant reported the little cloud?
  6. What did God do in answer to Elijah’s faith?

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I chose the Contemporary English Version as the default translation for Lessons from Elijah. Its easy reading and accurate translation make the CEV an ideal version for children. For more information, see A Bible for children.