09. Is God angry with us when we mess up?

Elijah feels alone and discouraged. God provides special care from a wind storm, an earthquake, a fire, and a still small voice or gentle whisper.

God is always ready to help us do better.

Deeper understanding for mom

Read 1 Kings 19:7-21.
Read verse 13 again in the Contemporary English version, then choose “Amplified Bible” from the drop-down menu, then the drop-down “King James Version” and “New International Verson” as well.

  • The Contemporary English Version version translates the original language as “a gentle breeze,” but adds a footnote that it can also mean “a soft whisper,” or “hardly a sound.”
  • The Amplified Bible (which gives various possible meanings of the original language the Bible was written in) translates this as “a still, small voice,” but indicates it can also mean “a sound of gentle stillness.”
  • The King James Version translates this noise “a still small voice.”
  • The New International Version translates it “a gentle whisper.”

I chose the NIV’s “a gentle whisper” to describe this for children, because it explains the way God dealt gently with Elijah.

God speaks to Elijah and comforts him

Read 1 Kings 19:7-21 with your children.

  1. Was God angry at Elijah for being discouraged?
  2. What did god say to Elijah? (Why are you here Elijah?)
  3. After the first time Elijah told God that he felt all alone, what happened (4 things)?
    1. A wind storm that shook the mountan and tore the rocks loose.
    2. An earthquake.
    3. A fire.
    4. A gentle whisper.
  4. What do the wind storm, earthquake, and fire tell you about God? (That He has great power.)
  5. What does the gentle whisper tell you about God? (That he is very gentle with those who love and serve Him.)
  6. What two things did God tell Elijah when Elijah told God again that he felt all alone?
    1. There were 7000 others who loved God.
    2. That God would give Elisha to Elijah for a special helper.
  7. Can you think of a time when you needed some special care and God gave it to you as he did for Elijah?

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I chose the Contemporary English Version as the default translation for Lessons from Elijah. Its easy reading and accurate translation make the CEV an ideal version for children. For more information, see A Bible for children.