10. How do we prove who we really love?

Teach more than religion. Encourage lifestyle devotion to Christ in action and moral behavior motivated by love and freedom of grace.

“We are ruled by God’s wonderful kindness” (Romans 6:15, CEV).

Choosing to please God because he loves us

Read 1 Kings 21:1-25.

  1. The Bible says King Ahab was more wicked than any of the kings before him. What wicked thing did he and his wife Jezebel threaten to do to Elijah in yesterday’s story? (Kill him.)
  2. Who do you think was the most wicked, King Ahab or Jezebel? (Jezebel thought of the idea, but Ahab agreed to it. It is just as bad to agree to join in a wicked thing as it is to suggest it.)
  3. What did King Ahab call Elijah in verse 20? (His enemy.)
  4. Elijah was sent by God to warn King Ahab. When Ahab called Elijah his enemy, who was he really calling his enemy? (God.)
  5. Who put King Ahab up to much of his wickedness? (Jezebel.)
  6. Since Jezebel put him up to it, why did God accuse King Ahab? (God held King Ahab responsible for his own actions and also for being the leader in his home.)
  7. Why did God tell Ahab He would punish him? (Verse 20b.)
  8. There is another place in the Bible where God talks about choosing between God and the devil or between pleasing God and sin. Listen and be ready to tell what this Scripture means to you. (Read Romans 6:15-18.) What does this Scripture mean to you?
  9. The Bible says when we do wrong we are choosing sin and the devil. If we really choose God, we will show it by trying to please him. Which way will you act?

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I chose the Contemporary English Version as the default translation for Lessons from Elijah. Its easy reading and accurate translation make the CEV an ideal version for children. For more information, see A Bible for children.