12. How does God talk to us today?

Leading children in family devotions to understand the Holy Spirit’s ministries of comfort, counsel, guidance, and help to obey God’s commandments.

“The Holy Spirit will come and help you” (John 14:26).

God sent his Spirit to help and remind us

Read John 14:16-26

  1. How did Jesus say He would come to us after he went back into heaven? (In the form of the Holy Spirit.)
  2. What is another name for the Holy Spirit? (Comforter or Counselor.)
  3. What does this name mean that he will do for us?
  4. How did Jesus say we will know right from wrong? (His commandments and words — the Bible — will teach us.)
  5. Who did Jesus say will help us understand the Bible? (Verse 26.)
  6. Can we live the way the Bible teaches by ourselves?
  7. Who did Jesus send to help us live the way the Bible teaches? (Verse 16.)
  8. Challenge Question: What are the three things we’ve just talked about that the Holy Spirit will do for us?
    1. Comfort us.
    2. Help us understand the Bible.
    3. 3. Help us live the way the Bible teaches.
  9. Thank God for sending the Holy Spirit to help us and remind us about the things we have learned.

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I chose the Contemporary English Version as the default translation for Lessons from Elijah. Its easy reading and accurate translation make the CEV an ideal version for children. For more information, see A Bible for children.