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Valentines in a House Divided

We choose a Valentine card to express our love, remembering that God is the only perfect one who fulfills all our needs and desires.

How do I love thee?

The Perfect Valentine Card

I’ve been thinking of some of the various emotions I’ve experienced as I tried to choose just the right card to express my sentiments on Valentine’s Day.

I remember the ecstasy of young love. None of the cards could convey everything I wanted to say. He was so much more than a card could express. How I wanted to hold onto that moment forever.

Times changed. What happened? I found myself searching for a valentine that would express my love. But it had to be honest.

  • “You understand me when no one else does.” Umm…I’m not sure you understand. Maybe I don’t understand you either.
  • “When I’m troubled you reassure me. When I’m lonely you reach for my hand. When I’m happy you laugh with me. When I’m tired I rest in your embrace.” Oh, wow! Are there really perfect husbands out there somewhere?
  • “You are everything I’ve always wanted…” Well, if only you could share my faith in God, maybe….
  • “I can share my most intimate thoughts with you, knowing you understand.” Oh how I wish you could understand the most intimate treasures I have found in God. We talk about God. But I can’t seem to convey to you what he really means to me. Perhaps I’m going about it wrong. Perhaps I need to have another look at 1 Peter.
  • “Through the years we’ve built our dream together.” My dream has been for you to walk with me in faith, but is it fair for me to impose that dream on you? God doesn’t. He gives you freedom to decide. Lord, help me do that, too!
  • “Remember when we shared our first kiss? …when we went looking for our first home together? …when we brought home our first child? We’ve weathered many storms together, too. As I look back on the years, I’m filled with love for you. I just want you to know that you’re still my favorite Valentine.”
    — Yes, that’s it! He hasn’t been perfect. But he is still the most important person in my life, and I want to take this opportunity to let him know.

Through the years, life has a way of changing. Perhaps there won’t be a valentine this year. I wish there could be. But with separation and all, you know….

Lord, my valentine is broken this year. I place it in your hands. Do with it as you see fit. Thank you, Lord, that you understand me when no one else does. You are everything I’ve always wanted. I can share my most intimate thoughts with you, knowing you understand. Through the years we’ve built our dream together. When I’m troubled you reassure me. When I’m lonely you reach for my hand. When I’m happy you laugh with me. When I’m tired, I rest in your embrace. My valentine goes to you this year, Jesus. I love you.

I wrote and shared this with our Email Support Group on February 12, 2000, as I approached my first Valentine’s Day after my husband and I separated. I placed it on our website at that time also, and have updated it as I moved it to our new website at in March of 2009.

0. Christmas Lights: Zechariah and Elizabeth’s story – Contents

Christ is the light of Christmas: He came to dispel the darkness. Find light from Zechariah and Elizabeth’s story in Luke 1:5-25 to illuminate the season.

You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light (Psalm 18:28).

Lessons from Luke 1:5-25 (Contents)

01. Are you SAD? Celebrate light this Chirstmas

02. Someone cares: God speaks to those who hear him

03. Chosen by the creator of the universe

04. God takes notice in our daily grind

05. Elizabeth’s light helped Zechariah in his blindness

06. God brings fulfillment in our wait

07. Comprehending the Darkness: Have you experienced the beginning?

Begin with first Christmas Light

Scripture taken from New International Version unless otherwise noted