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02. Finding time for daily devotions and Bible study

Set a definite time for daily devotions and Bible study. Whether morning, noon, or night, make a commitment to put God first by keeping this appointment you’ve scheduled with the Lord.

What part of your day would be best to spend with God?

Finding the right time for you

To establish your Quiet Time, determine what part of your day is best to set aside for spending time with Him?

  • Many people find that the best time is early in the morning, before the household is stirring. This starts the day with Him, and gives Him an opportunity to provide reinforcements for the day.
  • Others find the best time to be at night right before bed. This allows opportunity to review the day with God and plan for tomorrow with Him.
  • Some people spend a portion of their lunch hour alone with God.
  • Young mothers often snatch the time while their children are napping.
  • People who commute for long distances to work often use this time to pray and listen to a Scripture CD. The disadvantages of this method are the inability to take notes while driving, and the fact that most people don’t work seven days a week.

The time you choose to spend with Him will be based upon whatever your schedule allows. Ask God to help you find the time that is best for you. The most important thing is that you set aside a definite time. It is too easy for our good intentions to get lost in the shuffle of life is we don’t make a definite commitment here.

Plan to spend some time listening to Him through Bible reading. Plan to spend another portion of this time talking with him through prayer.

If you miss a day, you will find that things seem more complicated, stressful. Don’t despair, just ask Him to forgive you if you missed your time with Him through neglect. Ask Him to help you get back on target the next day.

How to Establish a Daily Quiet Time

00. How to establish a daily quiet time – Introduction
01. What is a quiet time, and why do I need it?
02. Finding time for daily devotions and Bible study
03. Selecting a Bible translation to use for daily study
04. Ideas for daily devotions and Bible reading
05. Online resources for your daily Bible study

Scripture taken from King James Version unless otherwise noted