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11. What if we haven’t obeyed God as we should?

Instructing children at mother’s knee or in a Sunday School class. Learning about sin, choosing repentance and forgiveness. We love God, and will obey him.

God is ready to give us another chance.

God will forgive us if we admit we’ve done wrong.

Yesterday we talked about choosing. See if you can remember these things:

  1. When we choose to do wrong, what is that called? (Sin.)
  2. Who are we choosing then? (The devil)
  3. When we choose to live the way the Bible teaches us to live, what is that called? (Obedience or obeying God and Jesus.)
  4. Who are we choosing then? (God and Jesus.)

I’m going to read what Jesus said about obeying, when Jesus was teaching His disciples. (Read John 14:16-26).

  1. What did Jesus say we will do if we love Him? (Obey Him.)
  2. What did Jesus say about anyone who doesn’t obey Him? (They don’t love Him.)
  3. If we say we love Jesus, but do wrong much of the time, do we love Jesus? (No.)
  4. Do we love Jesus if we are trying very hard to please God and Jesus but mess up and do something wrong? (Yes.) Explain your answer.
  5. If we choose to live the way we want to live, is that obeying Jesus? (No.)
  6. What is obeying Jesus? (Choosing to live the way the Bible teaches.)
  7. If we realize that we have not been living the way the Bible teaches because we have been choosing our own way or choosing to do wrong much of the time, what should we do? (Ask Jesus to forgive us.)
  8. How long will we have to wait before Jesus will forgive us? (He forgives the moment we ask.)

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I chose the Contemporary English Version as the default translation for Lessons from Elijah. Its easy reading and accurate translation make the CEV an ideal version for children. For more information, see A Bible for children.