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Thank you for keeping the nursery

Is keeping the church nursery just a menial task for those with no significant functions in the church? Take another look at this important ministry and its impact on evangelism!

Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me'” (Matthew 19:14).

Thank You for Keeping the Nursery

Mama left me in the church nursery.
She said, “You can stay here and play.”
I was very afraid, but you comforted me,
And Mama found Christ that day.

At least once a month in the nursery,
You served God by caring for me
So Mama could attend church and learn to make
Our home everything it should be.

There were those who said, “I’m too busy,”
Or, “I don’t want to miss church today;
I’m too young; I’m too old; I’ve done my part —
The nursery? Please, don’t ask me to stay.”

But you said, “No, I’m not too busy.
I’m just the right age I know.
I could never do enough for the King that I serve.
When you need me in the nursery I’ll go.”

My life might have been so different
If you had not answered God’s plea
For workers to serve where the need is so great,
To care for little people like me.

Thank you for keeping the nursery.
Mama taught me to follow Christ, too.
Many people had a part, but the most special one
To me will always be you.

I’ve had many requests to reprint this poem since I wrote and placed it on my website in the late 1990’s. Permission is granted to reprint Thank You for Keeping the Nursery in printed format for use in your local church or Christian group. Please include the following copyright notice and link information: “Permission is granted to reprint Thank You for Keeping the Nursery, courtesy hopeundivided.com, in printed flyers, bulletins, newsletters, etc. for use in your local church or Christian group. All other rights reserved.” Publication online, for commercial use, or for any use other than specifically granted above, is forbidden without written permission. Please contact Lois to request permission for any other use.