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03. Scarves, pants of Mid East and Asia, Salwar Kameez of Pakinsan, India

Scarves, slacks in Arab, Islamic countries, Mid East, Asia, China; Salwar Kameez pants and top/dress of Pakistan, India. What about heart? Behave appropriately if wear head covering.

Please continue to encourage modesty but just be a bit more informed — Jo.

We should behave appropriately to teaching of our religion if wear scarf.

Regarding head coverings and dress: I live in an arab country – head coverings/scarves existed long before Islam but now to wear one shows externally that you are a good follower of the religion – what about the heart as I personally know women, married or not, who wear the scarf and behave in ways not appropriate to the teachings of their religion.
Secondly, dress for women has been pants or slacks for millenia in the middle East and Asia – peasant women of China, etc, have worn them for centuries, the Salwar Kameez of Pakistan, India and Mid Eastern variations consists of pants that are visible under a top/dress of varying lengths but always covering the backside.

Young modern Christian women seek answers, modesty appreciated

Please continue to encourage modesty but just be a bit more informed about the world that you are speaking to, as young “modern” women like myself who seek for answers to questions such as Christians wearing head coverings, wish to hear good Bible exegesis from those who show good research and understanding.
Thanks, and thanks for the piece about verbal abuse.

— Thanks to a reader named Jo for this informative comment received via email from our website on 7/19/2004.

This 2-part Bible Study was written by Tina and Lois in 2000-2001. Comment by Jo was received 2004.

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